In scope of milling, we have seven different brands of CNC milling machine..



The engineers of the technology and construction offices are responsible..


Example parts which were manufactured by our company.

Our quality department, quality engineers with years of experience in the industry. 

We perform measurements at different stages of production. On request we can provide a finished product with measurement protocols confirming quality.

We have a Zeiss CMM, equipped with a Zeiss scanning head allows measurements Vast XXT point and scan mode.


We are working on software CALYPSO 5.6, with the option Curve - measurements of profiles of known and unknown.

CMM measuring range is 1000x700x500mm the measurement uncertainty of 1.9 microns + 1 mm (L / 250mm). 

With the measuring machine we can perform measurements of complex parts on the basis of documentation flat or 3D models (compare made ​​product with the model, for example. Inspection of free form surfaces in the form).

We also have the ability to perform measurements for the purpose of reverse engineering - eg. Restoration cam on the basis of the supplied pattern. 

The inspection equipment, for the quality are: 

  • Electronic altimeter Tesa Micro Hite M350 plus,

  • Granite worktop dimensions 1200x800mm, class accuracy "0",

  • Brinell hardness tester Rockwell,


whole spectrum high-end hand-held measuring tools such as micrometers, calipers, bore hole gauge, gauge blocks, thread gauges and checking piston.

Measurement laboratory is air-conditioned and isolated from the influence of the environment. We have provided constant measuring conditions.

Measuring machine Zeiss subject to annual verification carried out by the Carl Zeiss Poland.

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