In scope of milling, we have seven different brands of CNC milling machine..



The engineers of the technology and construction offices are responsible..


Example parts which were manufactured by our company.

Company CNC MILLING limited company, Sp. k. is a modern tool manufacturing company that has a large experience in the series and single part production.
Production is done on our CNC milling, turning, erosion and grinding machines.

Our expertise is based on years of experience in various industries such as the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, automotive industry etc.


Using the latest technologies and tools we alloyed and non-alloyed construction steels edit (tempered and hardened). Stainless steel, copper alloys, aluminum and plastic (POM C, polyimides, polycarbonates, teflon, Tecapeek), etc.

The processing is based on existing drawings supplied by customers or based on documents that occur in the company with us. For example, based on sample parts. The use of modern software (CAD / CAM / CEA).

CREO Parametric allows us to define a new approach based on projects and handling processes at all stages of the development process.


We have a construction measure machine of Zeiss with VAST XXT scanning sensor head that works with the software Calypso 5.6. Thanks to this, our products are of the highest quality. On request we can confirm every order with measurement protocols. We can also carry out necessary dimensions to restore the documentation provided by the customers individual part. We provide, also measuring services to the industry.


Thanks to the collaboration with many partners, we also have the opportunities to generate inclusive parts surface treatment ( hardening, tempering, nitriding, chrome plating, blackening, anodizing)


The quality of our products, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction are our most important goals we pursue permanently.


We invite you to cooperation.

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